Wednesday, 11 June 2014

13 weeks

Phew! Finally, the second trimester!

Our 13 week old jellybean <3

Thankfully my first trimester wasn't too bad at all, but it's still nice to be out of the "danger zone", be able to announce the pregnancy to all our family and friends, and of course get some energy back :)

The second trimester made a definitive entrance this week as for the first time I experienced some strains in my lower abdominal muscles from exercises that usually don't cause me any problems.  Because I've been feeling kind of bloated lately (blame hormones, heat, and a slight weight gain) I decided to switch to a full-body circuit-type workout for most of the week, but still focussing on just upper and lower body once per week... because too many circuits make Tess an grumpy-ish girl :P

Day 1 - Full body circuit
Day 2 - Upper body
Day 3 - Cardio + yoga/karate
Day 4 - Rest
Day 5 - Full body circuit (TRX)
Day 6 - Lower body

The three exercises that caused discomfort this week were all exercises that demanded a lot of core strength. Obviously this is my body telling me "Hey, your uterus is getting kind of big btw!" so I have taken note and will adjust accordingly.

-Squats - I'll try widening my stance (to allow for my bigger belly), lowering the weight, and being extra strict on my form and see if that changes anything.  If not, it may be time to switch over to the leg press machine.
-Single-leg squats (with TRX) - I'll try these using a bench instead of the TRX (which demands an extra element of balance) and see how my core feels after that.
-Pike (TRX) - I'll switch to regular planks and plank variations from now on.

Overall my energy was good, though it always takes me a week or so to get back into the swing of circuits.

I also did a slow jog this week, stopping every 5 minutes or so to assess how I was feeling, and everything felt fine! That's great news as I now live near the ocean and morning beachfront runs are a real treat to wake up to :)

13 weeks

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