Thursday, 8 January 2015

15 Good Reasons To Be a Fit Mom (or Dad!)

15. If you're a fit mom, then you're also just plain fit. Nice!! 

14. When your two-year-old takes off in the parking lot you can actually catch him!

13. Carrying a newborn around the house for hours on end is no joke, even if she does only weigh 8lbs.

12. Housework is hard work! Bending, lifting, stepping, carrying, pushing, wiping... 

11. Having the energy to make more babies Winking face

10. Having the energy to be pregnant with all the babies you've made Persevering face 

9. Being the mom who actually plays with her kids at the playground/park is awesome! 

8. Living room dance parties with the kids. 

7. Living room wrestling matches. 

6. Sometimes you will need to move furniture. Or appliances. Or boxes. Or power tools. By yourself. 

5. Have you ever found yourself juggling an infant in the carrier, a toddler in one arm, diaper bag over the other shoulder, and pushing some kind of cart or stroller through a public place? Yeah, fitness will help with that. 

4. God forbid one of my kids is ever in danger, I'd like think I would have the strength, speed, agility, and stamina to help them. 

3. Being able to give your kids legitimately good information about diet and exercise; lord knows they're not getting anything valuable from the media. 

2. Improved fitness = improved health = increased longevity. Your kids deserve to have as much time with you as you can give them.

1. By respecting your own body you send the message to your children to value their bodies as well; this respect manifests itself in their physical, mental, and emotional health and has a profound effect on their self-esteem and sense of self-worth. I can't think of a better lesson to teach my children than how to love themselves.

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