Tuesday, 11 November 2014

35 Weeks

It's almost Go Time! I know it's been a month since I've posted, so I'll get you all up to speed:

Measuring "Too Small"
At my last prenatal checkup, the doctor said I was measuring about 5 weeks too small (the measurement she's referring to is the fundal height - the distance between your pubic bone and the top of your uterus) so I was sent to get an ultrasound to make sure the baby was ok. I wasn't too worried, because there was really no reason that anything should be wrong, and because I know that I carry "small". Still, it was nice to see the baby one more time before D-Day :)

35 weeks. Check out those beautiful lips!
Of course everything was fine! Her growth is right on point - she just happens to be carrying in a way that's hard to measure. (I do have to chuckle every time someone here says I'm "tiny" or "barely look pregnant" though - I always say it's just because they never knew me pre-pregnancy. And because when I compare pictures of myself from early pregnancy to now.... 

..... I think I look pretty dang pregnant!)

Photo Shoot
About 5 weeks ago I scheduled myself a prenatal fitness photo shoot, which took place this weekend. It was fun, it was educational, it was tiring... it was great! I hope to have some pictures back soon :) As soon as I scheduled the shoot I started cleaning up my diet - not for the sake of controlling my weight, but because I know that a body that's fed clean healthy foods looks very different from a body fed junk. I also split up my training to focus on the body parts I really love and wanted to show off the most: my arms, shoulders, and upper back. To my surprise, the round ligament pain I have been dealing with began to dissipate! Then, the week leading up to the shoot I upped my cardio and did a couple full-body workouts..... and back came the pain. So it would seem that full-body workouts are just a little too strenuous for my body at this point. I can take a hint. Back to splits for me, lol.

Going Forward
With my photo shoot out of the way, the next big event for me to prepare for is.... THE BIRTH! Soon I'll be 37 weeks, and at that point the baby could really arrive any time. My main focus for the remaining 5 weeks is to make my body as comfortable as possible: I don't want to be dealing with leg or back DOMS while I'm in labour, so I'll keep my weights on the lighter side, especially for back and leg workouts. I'll spend more time stretching post-workout and throughout the day, and may swap out one workout per week for a yoga class (oh, and my yoga challenge a few months back was a total fail, btw!). Finally, I'll limit activities that have been causing me discomfort in my hips/abs: no more full-body workouts, and a few short walks throughout the day instead of one long one. I haven't designed myself a program for the coming weeks, so I'll have to share what I did this week on next week's blog :)

Yours in health and maternity,

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